Mark is originally from York, Pennsylvania. he became interested in glass during high school after sapping glass rods on a torch. During his two years at Rochester Institute of Technology a larger scale of glass sculpting was explored. The instantaneous process of interacting with and responding o the molten material was tantalizing. but Questions surfaced..

Why was glass emitting light when it gathered from the furnace?
What was within the purchased glass color bars?
Why is glass one of the only transparent materials?

These questions needed an answer. The only solution seemed to be to study glass science and engineering at Alfred University. This pursuit led to the stimulating relationship between art and science.

Mark is currently completing his doctorate in glass science at Alfred University. His thesis involves research on viscous glass sealants for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, the same technology behind hydrogen powered electric cars and “green” electricity generation. Marks artwork will continue to explore motion and incorporate engineered ceramic and glass materials